Our Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how important it is for you to get information about the care provided for your loved one. Here, we’ve listed some of the most common questions and answers about our facility.

At Gates Health & Rehab children are welcome to visit with their loved ones, we do require that everyone visiting wear a mask while in the facility.

We ask that only two visitors enter the building at a time, while that may not always be feasible for families, we do try to limit the number of visitors at once so that we are able to maintain social distance. There are numerous areas in our charming courtyard and patio where you may visit with your loved one while having more than two visitors at once.
We have many areas where one may take their loved one to visit, inside we offer a spacious dining room and a beautiful library we also offer outdoor spaces available to families.
We encourage you to bring your beloved pet to visit, we do ask that you provide proof of the rabies vaccine for your animal. We also respectfully request that the pet be “human” friendly.

We absolutely allow families to take their loved ones’ laundry home if they choose to do so. For your convenience we also offer laundry services to all of our residents and we ask that you please label the clothing with your loved one’s name in a sharpie or similar marker so that we can ensure it gets returned timely.

We encourage seasonal appropriate clothing when coming to the facility, we also always encourage non-skid socks and a light sweater regardless of the season.

For your convenience, our facility offers a Resident Fund Management System through Capital One bank. In order to secure your funds, this account is opened in your name at our facility and held in an interest bearing account, you will be able to access your funds at any time. Please stop by and speak to our knowledgeable business office who will be able to answer any question in regards to this safe and easy way to set up banking at our facility.

We have physicians in the facility or their nurse practitioners at least four times a week. They are also always on call if needed and responsive to families.

We Are Here To Care For Your Loved One.

Comprehensive care is front and center of August Healthcare – the singular reason for all we do and all we are.